Hangin’ in Europe! :)


Having an awesome time Interrailling with our drummer, Connor!

This photo was taken in Oslo whilst trying to climb over a flooding river! 🙂 Some amaing things in Oslo, especially the people!!

We are currently in Prague! As I write this, the sun is turning to clouds and the thunder has started to roar – it us beautiful! But tomorrow we go to Budapest!

Oslo Highlights…

Found lots of people dressed up like anime cartoons, one girl was dressed like a cat with a bell on her neck and ears! Fantastic! Lunch in Youngstorget Square, watched people play Shuffleboard in a place called Tilt, listened to music and met some great Norwegians on a rooftop, danced then went to a music bar called Mono

Boat trip out to Oslofjord Islands, tried to swim, too cold, nearly died!! 😉 Met 2 Norwegian Silhouette fans for ice cream then watched some class Jazz in a place called Bla!!

People are amazing! Would of liked to have seen more nature as it surrounds the place but defo next time! ❤

Prague Highlights…

The Astronomical Clock, Pragues metronome, meeting a street performer also from Belfast (Chicken Joe) who asked us to take part in his act.  He chopped cucumber on Connors tummy and asked me to stand on him while he lay on glass!! We loved walking, the beer and hanging with our new friends from the hostel, 2 from Chilie, 1 from Australia!

Heading out now for food and maybe a black light theatre performance!

Hope for loads of new songs when I get home! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Hangin’ in Europe! :)

  1. Hey Shauna. Was cool to meet you guys on the rooftop in Oslo 😉 I’ve checked out the site, and some of your songs. You are really talented, and I like your music alot 😉
    Hope you have a great time the rest of your interrailing 😉

    • silhouette says:

      Hey Morten!
      Was so great to meet you too! We had a great night and great time in Oslo! 🙂 Thank you for coming over to check out the site! We will be coming over to Norway again soon for some performances – please keep in touch!
      Our mailing list goes out once a month! (send subscribe to stohill1hotmail.com x
      Shauna x

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