Whats happening in the Silhouette world this week??

New single ‘Can’t Keep Up’ is single of the week on Emma Fitzpatrick’s show on CityBeat.  Its a wonderful achievement and very excited about this.  The single has also been played on various other spot plays and interviews on radio stations including BBC Radio 1 NI and Cool FM this week.  There are some upcoming features in Sunday Life, the Newsletter and the Big Buzz magazine – so keep your eyes peeled for this!!

Darren Lee (Maverick Renegade) is working on the Can’t Keep Up video all week too – so its nearly ready to go out! =)

I am currently on tour playing bass for the wonderful RAMS’ Pocket Radio.  It has been great fun touring in the UK with them.  I have been using my travel times and chill out times to write for Silhouette’s upcoming album!!  Very excited about the new songs – and very excited about getting home to develop them with the Silhouette band!

Snow Patrol European tour commences on the 22nd February – so I will be joining them in Copenhagen through to the last show on the 7th March in Paris as a guest vocalist and a support act!!!  Super exciting stuff!  This is why the show on the 24th Feb has been cancelled in Belfast.

In process of booking Irish tour this week also.  Its getting there – lots to be confirmed!

Hope you’re all well!


Shauna Tx

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