Big Move To London and Updates!

Heya Guys,

Hope you’re all well!

I know there has been some radio silence over the past couple of months from my end here but I assure you – I have been really busy behind the scenes revamping everything Silhouette!!

After my artist residency in Cirencester, I jumped into the studio to recording some of those new tracks (with the amazing Rocky O’Reilly (Start Together Studios, Belfast)) which will be released in a few months time (in the revamped style…).

I then took a short trip to India/Sri Lanka with my sister for extra writing inspiration AND NOW I have just made a move to London!  Phew!  Here I will be getting the new band together and pushing the boundaries a little more – keep your ears to the ground!

I have a feeling this year is going to be AWESOME!


Thank you for your constant support and Happy New Year!!

Shauna x

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MENCAP Charity Theme

Here is a little sneak peak of the song I wrote for MENCAP and their new campaign.
Thank you to everyone involved! You’re amazing!

Some Updates Peeps!

Hello world!

It has been quite a while since I have updated this page – I have a good excuse though… I have been creatively working away behind the scenes at the Owl Barn Residency in Cirencester for the last 2 months! It’s been lots of writing new songs and revamping my entire work and I can’t wait to share it with you all!!


I was at home this weekend (Belfast) recording a new song that I wrote especially for a special campaign for MENCAP #bigstepforward due to be released soon.  I was joined by Thomas Camblin (drums) and Zarah Fleming (cello) as well as some of my great friends who joined us as fantastic singers and clappers who captured a really fun vibe on the track! 🙂 I will keep you updated on the release of this and will have photos to follow!

In the meantime – you can check out all of that I’ve been up to at the residency along with the other amazing artists there on!

Love, Shauna xo

Confirmed for Sunflower Fest

I have confirmed to play Sunflower Fest this year. I will be playing on Saturday 23rd August along with my awesome band!

Get yer tickets here


Shauna x

Edinburgh Film Festival

I’m just back from the fantastic Edinburgh Film Festival – had such a great and inspirational time there and met so many nice new film makers, directors, composers, producers, orchestrators… you name it!  So here is a little showreel to show off some of my songs and where they have been placed etc…

Enjoy! 🙂

Shauna xo

Upcoming Events this month…


How are you all keeping?!  As you may have noticed – I have been slowing down on the gigging front as I have been really concentrating on recording and writing over the past couple of months – however – I have taken on a few gigs to perform some new material and enjoy the summer vibes this month.  Check out Events Page for more details.  

June 2014

13th June
Distillation @ OH YEAH CENTRE, BELFAST // Doors 8:30pm // Admission £5  – click HERE for details.


20th June
Portadown’s Got Talent – Ending Ceremony @ TBC, Portadown // On Stage 8pm // Admission £TBC.


Love, Shauna xo


Mission USA Video and Other News…

Hello Everyone,

 It has been a crazy couple of months travelling around some of the cities in USA and Europe so I apologise for the lack of updates I have been giving you!


I have just finished editing the video for my Mission USA trip – you can watch it HERE:

I am currently editing my footage from the European trip, so it will be with you within the month.  

Future Plans…

I am in the process of getting the album ready to be released and have been writing lots of new songs for you all to hear.  I want to make sure that this first debut album is reflecting what it is that my music is properly so it has taken some time to get everything into place. 

There are plans being made for release and touring in the upcoming Autumn/Winter months – so please keep your eyes on the site and all my social media sites too!

Thank you for all your continued support!!  You’re all amazing!

Shauna Tx


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Back from the USA!

Im now back in Northern Ireland following a wonderful time in the US of A, writing at SongCamp up at the North Coast and playing 2 shows as part of the Portstewart Songwriters Festival this weekend! 🙂

I am currently editing a short video to give you an insight as to what I have been up to while I have been away so keep your eyes peeled!  Here is a little video of Toss it Up to keep you occupied until then!

Much love!


Shauna Tx



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Upcoming Shows in Belfast (before my travels!)

Stop, Collaborate & Listen Showcase…

This March, I will be heading off with 5 other musicians from Belfast to Nashville to soak up the musical heritage of the city including Katie Richardson, Travis Gilbert, Richard Hill, Thomas Camblin and Grace Loughrey.  We will cement a year already spent working together in various guises with this adventure – and point towards new creative possibilities. Video and audio footage will document their stay in Nashville and planned roadtrip to Austin, Texas (stopping off in Memphis and Dallas en route) to join the Northern Irish posse at SxSW the following week.  I will then leave the group and head off to Los Angeles for 10 days of writing and adventure.

ImageTo mark the trip, we are hosting a gig in Belfast the week before we depart, on Thursday the 27th of February in the Menagerie. The bill features the bands of each of the artists heading to the U.S. – Travis is a Tourist, Goldie Fawn (the debut of the new project from Katie Richardson), The Salt Flats and myself. In the spirit of collaboration, the musicians will bring their instruments together in one band to perform each other’s songs as you’ve never heard them before.  So come on down! ❤

Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival…

So excited about the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival this year.  I am playing an afternoon show of in the round with the fantastic Midge Ure &Peter McVeigh! Get your tickets from here – they are flying like hot buns so be quick!

Keep in touch xo

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Long Awaited Updates

Heya Everyone!

It has been a while since I have updated you on all that has been going on over here in the Silhouette quarters but here is a quick post to keep you up to date…


I have been working away like a little bee at getting all things album sorted with the fab Neal Calderwood, Manor Park Studios – it is sounding great, starting to look great and all the musicians who have played with me on it including Rachael Boyd, Zarah Fleming, Connor Burnside, John Conway, Andrew Black, Michael Barkley have been such a pleasure to work with.  There will be more updates on this eventually with release dates – have a few things to do before then! 🙂


Shauna and Neal in Manor Park Studios, Pic by Rachael Boyd


Thanks to the wonderful arts council of Northern Ireland – I am going to be heading away in 2 weeks to the states (namely Nashville, Austin and Los Angeles) to do some open mic nights, adventures and writing with some awesome musicians there.  I plan to keep a video diary so you will be updated regularly.

When I get back in April, I will be heading straight over to Sweden (Stockholm, Malmo) and Germany (Hamburg, Berlin) to play some small acoustic shows and write with some people again, really cant wait!! 🙂  I will update the site with shows as they come in!


Thanks for reading and for your constant support!  Please leave any comments you wish and keep up to date on all my social media!


Shauna Tx