Back from the USA!

Im now back in Northern Ireland following a wonderful time in the US of A, writing at SongCamp up at the North Coast and playing 2 shows as part of the Portstewart Songwriters Festival this weekend! :)

I am currently editing a short video to give you an insight as to what I have been up to while I have been away so keep your eyes peeled!  Here is a little video of Toss it Up to keep you occupied until then!

Much love!


Shauna Tx



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Upcoming Shows in Belfast (before my travels!)

Stop, Collaborate & Listen Showcase…

This March, I will be heading off with 5 other musicians from Belfast to Nashville to soak up the musical heritage of the city including Katie Richardson, Travis Gilbert, Richard Hill, Thomas Camblin and Grace Loughrey.  We will cement a year already spent working together in various guises with this adventure – and point towards new creative possibilities. Video and audio footage will document their stay in Nashville and planned roadtrip to Austin, Texas (stopping off in Memphis and Dallas en route) to join the Northern Irish posse at SxSW the following week.  I will then leave the group and head off to Los Angeles for 10 days of writing and adventure.

ImageTo mark the trip, we are hosting a gig in Belfast the week before we depart, on Thursday the 27th of February in the Menagerie. The bill features the bands of each of the artists heading to the U.S. – Travis is a Tourist, Goldie Fawn (the debut of the new project from Katie Richardson), The Salt Flats and myself. In the spirit of collaboration, the musicians will bring their instruments together in one band to perform each other’s songs as you’ve never heard them before.  So come on down! <3

Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival…

So excited about the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival this year.  I am playing an afternoon show of in the round with the fantastic Midge Ure &Peter McVeigh! Get your tickets from here – they are flying like hot buns so be quick!

Keep in touch xo

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Long Awaited Updates

Heya Everyone!

It has been a while since I have updated you on all that has been going on over here in the Silhouette quarters but here is a quick post to keep you up to date…


I have been working away like a little bee at getting all things album sorted with the fab Neal Calderwood, Manor Park Studios – it is sounding great, starting to look great and all the musicians who have played with me on it including Rachael Boyd, Zarah Fleming, Connor Burnside, John Conway, Andrew Black, Michael Barkley have been such a pleasure to work with.  There will be more updates on this eventually with release dates – have a few things to do before then! :)


Shauna and Neal in Manor Park Studios, Pic by Rachael Boyd


Thanks to the wonderful arts council of Northern Ireland – I am going to be heading away in 2 weeks to the states (namely Nashville, Austin and Los Angeles) to do some open mic nights, adventures and writing with some awesome musicians there.  I plan to keep a video diary so you will be updated regularly.

When I get back in April, I will be heading straight over to Sweden (Stockholm, Malmo) and Germany (Hamburg, Berlin) to play some small acoustic shows and write with some people again, really cant wait!! :)  I will update the site with shows as they come in!


Thanks for reading and for your constant support!  Please leave any comments you wish and keep up to date on all my social media!


Shauna Tx

Finishing the Album

Finishing the Album

Spending the rest of this month recording and finishing my album with Neal in Manor Park Studio!! :)
Today we are tracking Connor Burnside and his awesome drumming skills!
Really excited!

Shauna x

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Here is my writing space!!

Updates for October...

Heya Everyone,

Hope you are all well! Just wanted to update the site to let you know that I am writing LOADS of songs at the moment – I have a little space in the wonderful OH YEAH Centre which is located on Gordon Street, Belfast – you should check it out if youre coming to Belfast some time! :)

Just came back from a lovely couple of days in Dublin for the Hard Working Class Heros Festival and will be stuck into writing from Monday again onwards! Plan to have another single out very soon! :)

I update the facebook, instagram and twitter lots so make sure your following ;)

Keep in touch!

Love, Shauna Tx

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A little poem I wrote

Hiya Guys,

The band and I have had such a busy summer with festivals and other bits and pieces but will be winding down a little now coming into the Autumn!  I have been working on some plans for the next couple of months, most of which involves a lot of writing and recording (and another release in the pipeline!)!  :) And tonight, I wrote a little poem about a pink bath bomb called Twilight!


Here it is for your comic pleasure! ;)

A Little Bath Bomb Named Twilight

You were just a little pink ball

Just a small piece of matter

With potential to become flatter

I saw you sitting on your shelf

Your name was twilight

And in that, you shone bright

I popped you into the water

You bobbed up and down

You spun round and round

Releasing so much more

Potential than I did ever know!

You turned the waters PINK

Then you turned them BLUE

Merged them all together and made things PURPLE!

And somewhere in between

The madness and fun

You sent one thousand

Bright and shining suns

Sparking through the water

But my dreamtime is done

I watched as my cracked blue toe nail varnish

Glistened with glee

My super smooth skin feels

Reborn in this sea

And somewhere beneath

I find myself



And satisfied as we all should be.

Thank you to LUSH!  <3 Shauna xo

A wee bit of Sumo Wrestling?

A wee bit of Sumo Wrestling?

This picture is of us at Glasgowbury Festival this year – very momentus occasion as it was the last year this festival will be running and its one of our favourites! :(
Here is a busking number that we done for BBC ATL

We have just added some more festivals to the Events Page so make sure to check them out and spread the word!

Doing some recording this week – going to record a rockin version of a song I jammed with Zarah Fleming on called Precious Time! Enjoy!

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Live Session on Balcony TV, Dublin

So last month before we played at Hype Festival, Longford, we took a trip over to Dublin to play a live song on Balcony TV!

Here is a live session of a new song ‘Little Voices’, thank you to all at Balcony TV and Mission PR! :)

Let us know what you think!

Shauna x

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In Budapest

In Budapest

Were now in Budapest, lovely city and the public baths are amazingly chilled! On our way back to the hostel the skies opened and Thor began to make his noise in the clouds! We got soaked, through and through but it was awesome!! :) xo

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Hangin’ in Europe! :)


Having an awesome time Interrailling with our drummer, Connor!

This photo was taken in Oslo whilst trying to climb over a flooding river! :) Some amaing things in Oslo, especially the people!!

We are currently in Prague! As I write this, the sun is turning to clouds and the thunder has started to roar – it us beautiful! But tomorrow we go to Budapest!

Oslo Highlights…

Found lots of people dressed up like anime cartoons, one girl was dressed like a cat with a bell on her neck and ears! Fantastic! Lunch in Youngstorget Square, watched people play Shuffleboard in a place called Tilt, listened to music and met some great Norwegians on a rooftop, danced then went to a music bar called Mono

Boat trip out to Oslofjord Islands, tried to swim, too cold, nearly died!! ;) Met 2 Norwegian Silhouette fans for ice cream then watched some class Jazz in a place called Bla!!

People are amazing! Would of liked to have seen more nature as it surrounds the place but defo next time! <3

Prague Highlights…

The Astronomical Clock, Pragues metronome, meeting a street performer also from Belfast (Chicken Joe) who asked us to take part in his act.  He chopped cucumber on Connors tummy and asked me to stand on him while he lay on glass!! We loved walking, the beer and hanging with our new friends from the hostel, 2 from Chilie, 1 from Australia!

Heading out now for food and maybe a black light theatre performance!

Hope for loads of new songs when I get home! :)

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